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What clients are saying...

Cathy S., Accounting Firm, Keller, Texas

"Cybersecurity Awareness Training has been a valuable resource for our staff.  Our firm is dedicated to protecting our client data and the online training has been vital in this endeavor. We highly recommend this training".

Jinger L.,OM, ENT, Arlington, Texas

"I found the Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Healthcare by CYBERSMARTPEOPLE.COM to be a valuable resource for our office staff.  With so many threats to the security of our co22mputer environment, it is vitally important that each of my staff knows how to recognize and avoids those threats

Pete’s videos are clear and easy to follow.  The time it takes to watch the videos and take the quizzes at the end is reasonable and well worth it.  It is great to be able to save your progress at any point and come back later to finish from where you left off.  I highly recommend this Cybersecurity Training to any healthcare office".

Debra M., COA, Ophthalmologist, Dallas, Texas 

"Our office was very happy with the Cybersecurity Awareness Training provided by Pete at CyberSmartPeople. The content was relevant, clear and easy for everyone to follow.  We all thought it was very interesting.  With this training, our staff now has the knowledge they need to avoid becoming a potential victim". 

Lori E., Leading PR Company, Irving, Texas 

“The Cybersecurity Awareness Training has been a wonderful new tool that we have used with our current staff and all new employees. It is very easy to use, following along and also very informative in the world we are living in today. We appreciate being up-to-date on the Cybersecurity threats that are out there and how to protect ourselves inside and outside the work place. I highly recommend making the Cybersecurity Training a part of your work culture's


  • Cybercrime Impact to Business & Career 

  • Web Browsing Defense Skills 

  • Email Defense Skills 

  • Computer Safeguards 

  • Cell Phone Safeguards

  • Healthcare HIPAA Guidelines

  • Certificate of Completion 

Simple, Easy & Essential Baseline Training for Entire Staff


For existing staff, ongoing security awareness training continuously reminds all workforce members (including managers, senior executives as appropriate, business associates/partners, and contractors) to stay alert and apply Cybersecurity Best Practices to meet industry/state/federal requirements

This improves the organization’s CyberDefense Layers in protecting confidential electronic information and avoiding lawsuits and expensive fines

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness training should always BE INCLUDED IN THE ONBOARDING PROCESS to introduce the “New” employee to the organization's Cybersecurity Governance policies and expectations required before accessing any information systems.




1- For Cybersecurity Awareness Training for employees, add course to Cart, then change "Quantity" of Seats at Checkout Cart to match number of employees

2- After purchase we will email you a URL code link so you can distribute to all employees that will take Cybersecurity Training course   

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