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(c) 2017, Futuremax Incorporated.


Pete Lopez 

Principle Consultant

Texas Flag.jpg is a division of Futuremax Incorporated, a Dallas Fort Worth, Texas company. We've been providing IT Consulting & Risk Management services for many companies since 1994.

At Futuremax our focus is solutions. We help Office Managers in any industry make administration of the company technology less complex, time consuming  and easier by providing the training and tools needed to simplify the day.  

From the experience we have gained in the last 25 years, consulting in so many industries with organizations both small and large, especially the Healthcare sector,  overtime we've observed gaps and needs.

So to answer the need of these organizations we developed exciting products to mitigate the security awareness gaps especially with companies that do not have full time IT staffs.

These products help Office Managers in all industries especially in certain sectors like Healthcare that need to achieve HIPAA compliance without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Pete Lopez, Principal Consultant 

With well over 28 years of IT Consulting hands-on experience, Pete has served many industries including the healthcare medical sectors. He brings over 16 years of Healthcare IT experience working with small to medium size practices and clinics.

He is known for taking very complex technologies and making it simple for the non-tech person, explaining it in a very professional and friendly way so that most persons can understand complex system but feel as they have learned something valuable. Listen to his online courses and you will learn vital information to improve your tech skills.

He is author of book called "Time to get IT Smart" - Essential information for the Small Business owner. 

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