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For Any Industry: Employee CyberSecurity Awareness Training per Employee

Course Length: All videos and quiz  (70 mins)

"Add this to your "Employee Onboarding Process" 


Business Professionals - This is a quick and focused training course for all your employees to improve CyberSecurity Awareness with samples of the latest Cybersecurity threats, industry best practices, and real-world tips. The price includes (1) seat for (1) Employee, you can add more seats for additional employees just by changing the quantity in your check-out cart.


The courses includes:

  • MODULE-1:  Cybercrime impact to your career & employment (20mins)

  • MODULE-2:  Properly using Web Browsing at work (22mins)

  • MODULE-3:  Propery using Email at work (23mins)

  • MODULE-4:  Properly using Computer & Cell Phone at work (23mins)

  • Includes Quiz to reinforce knowledge after each video

  • Certificate of Completion 

- Each web course is 12-28mins long

​- Manager must purchase the number of Employee seats for the company to match the number of employees that will be taking the course, any unused seats are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase (Can be used for new employees) 

- Manager will receive URL link after purchase to distribute to employees to signup for the course 

- ALWAYS Include this course in your new Employee Onboarding Process! 



  • Any employee that uses web, email, computer or cell phone, including and especially management personnel 
  • Office Manager
  • Security Manager 



  • Employee must have email to signup for course 
  • Computer must have Internet access, either headphone jack or computer speakers and local printer to print Certificate of Completion

For Any Industry: Employee CyberSecurity Awareness Training per Employee

  • NOTE: Order the number of seats(licenses) you will need for staff taking this course

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