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Get your RedBook SuperTools now! 

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As the Office or Practice Manager or Security Officer, organizing all your critical "Technology Information" can be time consuming and frustrating especially when you don't know what you need! Most tech vendors do not offer or provide this because it often holds clients dependent. 

Use our RedBook SuperTools System to manage and request critical key information from all your Tech Vendors that is required for maintaining the company technology system operational and in compliance, so you don't find yourself in these situations:

  • All systems are down, employees are twiddling their thumbs

  • Clients are frustrated because your systems are down

  • Worst part, no revenue is being generated  

  • Tech support companies charge "By the hour" as you search for login passwords and technical info 

  • Ransomware has hit your office and you will need all tech information quickly 

  • You are switching Tech Support companies and onboarding can be complicated if last company did not document anything

  • And so on....   


The answer is the Redbook Supertools System 

Includes the following:   

  • Proven IT Management System that centralizes and organize all Tech Information 

  • Bright red binder to easily spot on your shelf or locked computer room cabinet  

  • 2inch 3-Ring Binder with slant D-Ring to make changing pages easy

  • 10-Section Tabs with critical tech sections found in all companies on planet Earth, we capture every essential area required for Cybersecurity, these sections meet any compliance requirement such as HIPAA, PCI, NIST, Cybersecurity Guidelines, etc.   

  • Flash Drive for storing all electronic documentation offsite 

  • 12 minute online instructional video to kickstart your IT Management organizing system

  • As well as PDF instructions for download

  • Optional Flash Drive Encryption instructions  

  • Use discount coupons at checkout....  

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